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Glasses that protect kids’ eyes during screen time

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Blue Light is Bad.

Sodo is Good.

Back to school means back to screen time, especially with online learning. Sodo makes kids screen time safer by blocking blue light from digital devices.

👀  Reduce Blurry Vision

🤕  Prevent Headaches 

😴  Better Night's Sleep



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It's not a trend. It's the future.

We started Sodo because we saw something we just couldn't fight - screen time. Kids have sensitive eyes, and they are attracted to digital devices. We wanted to help them do it a little safer. We designed and tested Sodo lenses to block harmful digital blue light, so they are effective, durable, and fun. 

Tested to Block Blue Light

Sodo frames are made from high quality polycarbonate materials with a custom coating that is validated to block blue light. Featuring anti-reflective, super-hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-fog coatings. Helpful for kids who spend significant time in front of screens. 

Made Durable for Kids

Kids can be rambunctious and rough with their stuff.  We made Sodos to be tough and durable to withstand it. Sodos are designed to be anti-scratch, lightweight and impact resistant. Sodo frames are light without sacrificing strength or durability.

Sodos are Fun. They'll Love 'em.

✔️  Reduce Blurry Vision

✔️  Prevent Headaches

✔️  Better Night's Sleep

Kids (and parents) 💙❤️ Sodo

We're glad we can help with screen time.

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